FIFA president Blatter upset over the world cup preparations

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has criticized Brazil for its preparations for the world cup 2014.He has raised a question over the countries ability to stage this big event in the country.No other world cup host countries has been so much behind in the preparations to host the Football World Cup since he has taken the charge as a President of FIFA, he said.Brazil had 7 years since it was given the opportunity to host the 2014 world cup but they have started the preparations far too late, he said to a newspaper during an interview.

More than half million tickets of the 2014 world cup matches has been sold but the host Brazil still lacks the preparation to stage one of the biggest events in the world.


Brazilian President Dilma Roussef came into the defend of her country saying that her country has all the ability to host the 2014 world cup.Construction delays, safety measures, protests and lack of finance is amongst the major problems in the preparation delays.Many of its venues are still under construction which will be hosting the world cup matches.People protested against billions of dollars are being spent in World cup preparations.

FIFA authorities are showing real concerns over the preparations of world cup, But Brazilian authorities is fully confident that Brazil is going to be a great host.Because football is like a religion for the people of Brazil.