Former F1 champion is in critical but stable condition, Hospital officials says

Former seven-time formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher stays in critical but stable condition, Grenoble hospital says.He was injured last week while skiing in France and rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident.He was very lucky that he was wearing helmet during the accident which saved his head from more critical injuries. 

He remains in coma and his doctors considers his condition critical but stable.He turned 45 on 3rd January.The 45 year old  has had two brain surgeries.His head was badly injured during the skiing when he hit his head to a rock.

The German formula 1 driver won formula 1 championship in 1994 & 1995.He won 5 consecutive championships from 2000 to 2004.He is considered to be a legend of formula 1 race.He had a great career of more than 20 years and took his retirement after 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix.