Rafael nadal wins the Qatar open final

New world number 1 Rafael Nadal has defeated French tennis star Gael Monfils 6-1, 6-7 (5-7), 6-2 to win the Qatar open final.This win was included to his 61st career title.Nadal had a great opening of the new year.Now he hopes to regain the Australian open title after 5 years.

Mofils has been in the Qatar open three times but went home without the title.Nadal was on the driving seat during the first set.He took only 23 minutes to win the first set over Mofils.The second game was a tiebreaker.Mofils won the tiebreaker.

In the third set Nadal played like a champion.He was leading 3-1 when he saved four break points to take the lead of 4-1.Nadal won the third set 6-2 to win the Qatar open title.

Nadal is now on number eight in the all time list.He opened his new year campaign with a victory.Though he has not been in best of his form but after winning the Qatar open  he sent a straight message to his opponents that he is not going to be an easy rival through this year.